Fierce Fabric

Fierce jackets and bibs feature a new PVC coating that offers excellent abrasion resistance while remaining comfortable. This coating provides the soft feel of more expensive polyurethane coatings with additional flexibility in cold environments and resistance to fish and marine oils. This is a quality you can trust, sourced from a focused European manufacturer with decades of experience in the commercial fishing industry.

Fierce utilizes a unique Radio Frequency (RF) method to seal the seams on our garments. The seams are fused together with 3 adjustable parameters to ensure proper seam construction. RF waves are emitted from the equipment bars and along with time & pressure cause the molecules in the coating to vibrate, creating heat that fuses the coating together. This is the strongest and most waterproof seam available.

And when we said careful selection goes into every aspect of Fierce jackets and bibs, we even mean the thread! When stitching is required on certain non-waterproof areas like the hem, cuff, and inner hood, we use only the highest quality durable 3 ply nylon thread constructed to work in harsh marine conditions. Not only is it abrasion resistant, UV and salt water resistant but we have also made sure to color match all of our thread to ensure you look good while you’re working hard!

Fierce Features

Zipper – Constructed from Delrin plastics, the YKK Vislon zipper is constructed to withstand the aggressive conditions in the marine environment.

  • UV resistant to withstand long term outdoor conditions
  • Low friction characteristics making it easier pull up or down
  • Low moisture pick up meaning it won’t expand like less durable plastic zippers
  • High impact strength
  • Maintains shape over long period – the zipper stays where you put it and won’t creep down over time.
  • Low Temperature resistant – it won’t become brittle and crack in the cold


Snaps – Manufactured with marine grade stainless steel, our fierce snaps are constructed with a longer post for maximum holding power ensuring they stay put when closed, even in high winds. This special grade stainless steel will not rust or corrode with exposer to salt water.

Suspenders – Our suspenders are manufactured out of high-quality elastic to ensure they can hold the weight of heavy rainwear with ease, with the right amount of stretch to move with you as you work. Featuring a Delrin high-quality snap buckle attachment to keep them in place, these suspenders are impact and abrasion resistant and will not snap or break at low temperatures.

The Explorer jacket and bib are constructed using top tier coated manufacturing techniques on a polyester woven substrate, offering the perfect balance between durability and comfort. With a PVC coating, this unique ergonomic fabric offers the flexibility and comfort of synthetic leather while maintaining increased strength, durability, and tear resistance.

Experience workwear that moves and stretches with you, so you are using your energy to get the job done faster, not fighting your stiff or restrictive clothing. Featuring fluorescent colors activated by UV light, blended with contrasting colors to improve visibility in low light.

The exploration of techniques that enhance and provide commercial fishers with improved levels of performance has led to the development of the latest coatings and fabric construction that enhances the way you perform each day. Offering a unique blend of comfort and flexibility, the Explorer garments feature fabrics constructed with a knitted substrate and the latest in coating technology carefully blended for improved performance and increased flexibility when you move, making your job safer and more productive.


Latest generation fishing fabric – Constructed for the pro commercial fisher with a soft & supple PVC coating on a knitted Polyester substrate to offer stretch comfort and reduced snagging characteristics
Hi Viz Fluorescent Yellow & Grey colour combination to provide contrasting visibility in low light conditions



  • Internal hood draw cord with quik lok adjustment
  • Rear hood adjustment to provide increased peripheral vision
  • YKK #10 Heavy duty zipper
  • Vecro closure storm flap
  • Zippered internal pocket with ear phone cord passthrough
  • Offers increased flex & comfort over woven fabrics – will stretch as you do



  • Sewn and top welded to provide watertight seams
  • Non corroding SS snaps
  • Hems sewn with thread specially treated to provide increased strength. Designed for use in extreme marine environments
  • Covered neck seam piping to reduce chaffing
  • Riveted at stress points
  • Tapered leg from knee to boot line for more comfortable fit
  • Double Bib design to reverse
  • Easy to use waist ties
  • Cold crack resistant quick lock suspender buckles
  • Rear spreader clip to ensure suspenders stay on shoulders
  • Internal bib pocket with flap